In the heart of Zermatt, in the middle of the idyllic old Zermatt village and the famous "Bahnhofstrasse" lays the Matterhorn Lodge. To take the bus you only have to walk a few steps. This true gem was built in 2012. It's architecture was carefully thought through and it has been decorated in a caring manner. Moreover, this hotel is handicapped accessible.

Here's the place where you can truly feel like at home from the very first second on. Our guests really appreciate our simple manner, our heartfelt hospitality and the joy we spread while pampening them. Indulge yourself. Enjoy some unforgettable days among friends.

Matterhorn Lodge - more than just a Hotel - we live in the mountains and we are in love with them


Hospitality is in our nature, gregariousness is our keyword and mountains are our passion. We treat our guests as our friends. We enjoy our work and share this happiness wish you.

Our team consists of unique personalities, we show ourselves as we are. We rely on our proven strengths, on our hability to unexepectedly surprise our guests and on our creativity,   that distinguishes us from the other hotels with a regular structure.

Our biggest wish is to condribute to your perfect stay and for that you may count on our friendly manner and our willingness to help.

Don't just take our word for it - see for yourself.
We are looking forward to host you and welcome you with a big smile.

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